March 2020 Vol. 4

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Carboline Chemical Fire Causes $150K in Damage at Wisconsin Plant (Breaking News)

One Hurt During Chemical Fire at Carboline Manufacturing Facility (Breaking News)

PPG to Acquire German Coatings Manufacturer

PPG to Donate 80,000 Masks to Support Coronavirus Relief Efforts (Breaking News)

Axalta Pulls 2020 Financial Guidance (Breaking News)

ExcelPlas Coating Labs Move to Automated Testing and Robotic Autosampler During COVID-19
ExcelPlas continues to remain operational and accessible for geosynthetic and polymer testing during this difficult period and has switched to more automated testing, 
Robotic autosampling equipment and remote-access video monitoring of EIS and QUV to ensure continuity of work flow. 75% of staff are working from home checking and writing reports.

Sherwin-Williams Wins Awards For Coatings Applications

Sherwin-Williams Announces Change to a Virtual Meeting Format for 2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Due to COVID-19 (Breaking News)

Sherwin-Williams Affirms Guidance, Has Seen Minimal Disruption in Supply Chain from COVID-19 Pandemic

Hempel Appoints 2 New Group VPs (Breaking News)

BASF postpones its Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, which was scheduled for April 30. The state of Baden-Württemberg has banned events with more than 100 participants for the time being until June 15, 2020.

AkzoNobel Launches Ultimate Rust-busting Metal Paint

Preparation and Anti-Corrosive Properties of Waterborne Epoxy Composite Coating Containing Graphene Oxide Grafted with Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Electrochemical Investigation of Corrosion Behavior of Epoxy Modified Silicate Zinc-rich Coatings in 3.5% NaCl Solution

CMP Develops New Ballast Tank Coating

Functionalized Graphene Oxide-Epoxy Phenolic Novolac Nanocomposite: an Efficient Anticorrosion Coating on Mild Steel in Saline Medium

Advanced Organic Nanocomposite Coatings for Effective Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection Afforded by a Commercial Rust Converter Doped with Graphene Oxide

ExcelPlas Protective Coatings Test Laboratory in Melbourne
ExcelPlas Coating Testing Labs (Melbourne) showcase their advanced coatings analysis equipment including software for calculating of diffusion path lengths in barrier coatings as well as advantages of using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) to measure water ingression and detect early signs of coating failure, before being visually manifested.  ExcelPlas also has UV test chambers running and environmental chambers to evaluate coated test panels under total immersion conditions.

This newsletter is brought to you by ExcelPlas Coating Labs (

ExcelPlas Labs provides independent testing, analysis and investigation on protective coatings to prevent corrosion.

ExcelPlas has extensive analytical capabilities for testing of Protective Coatings and Insulation Consulting for major oil and gas companies.

We conduct corrosion surveys, coating sampling, coating analysis and testing to ensure coating specifications for a wide range of onshore and offshore clients in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region.

ExcelPlas Labs offer a full range of coating testing and analytical services to Australia’s mining, oil, gas and infrastructure sectors.

Forensic analysis for undertaking various coating based failure investigations and problem solving.

ExcelPlas Undertakes Analysis & Testing of Polymer Coating Systems including:
• Epoxy Protective Coatings
• Epoxy-Phenolic Protective Coatings
• Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) 
• Dual-Layer Fusion bonded epoxy (DLFBE)
• Liquid applied epoxy (LAE)
• Abrasion resistant overcoat (ARO)
• Three-layer PE (3LPE)
• Multi-component liquid spray  (MCL)
• Heat shrink sleeves (HSS)

Testing on Coatings that ExcelPlas can Undertake includes:
• Coating identification by Infra-red Analysis (FTIR)
• Degree of Cure by Thermal Analysis (DSC)
• Coating Filler Identification by X-ray Analysis (EDS/XRD)
• Coating Microstructure by Embedding, Polishing and Optical Microscopy (OM)
• Coating Thermal Stability and Composition by Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

DSC – Phase transition/volatiles / Tg / degree of cure/characterisation
TGA – Volatile compounds, inorganic mass % mix ratio
Element mapping for chlorides on paint flakes
Microscopy -Count layers and thickness of layers
-Assess porosity and voids
-Check distribution and orientation of filler particles

Condition monitoring and analysis of corrosion prevention coatings (epoxies, epoxy-phenolics)

Testing of Epoxy Coatings (LAE, FJC, FBE), heat shrink sleeves and tapes, barrier tapes and meshes.