October 2019 Vol. 3

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Interview: Nigel Shewring R&D Director, Hempel (Exclusive)

Factory Slowdown Hits Paint Maker PPG (Wall Street Journal)

Free Book on Protective Coatings for Corrosion Control (Exclusive to PCN Readers) (Download Here)

Flexible Coatings for Protection of Marine Structures

Severity of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) to Structures and Strategies to Detect It

Axalta Releases Third Quarter 2019 Results

Sherwin-Williams Reports 2019 Third Quarter Financial Results

Akzo Nobel Announces $556 Mln Share Buyback as Core Profit Jumps

Video of Interview with Thierry Vanlancker CEO of Akzo Nobel on M&A, Buyback Plan, Q3 Earnings

PPG Hits Record Earnings; Sales Fall on Weak Industrial Demand for Coatings

PPG Appoints Steve Pocock as VP, Architectural Coatings, EMEA North and East

Composites Epoxies Improving Corrosion Mitigation on Offshore Assets

Sherwin-Williams Pipeclad® 5000 Spray Application Video

Facile Strategy Toward the Development of a Self-healing Coating by Electrospray Method

Silica Epoxy Coating Exhibiting Anti-corrosion Properties

Superior Corrosion Resistance and Self-healable Epoxy Coating Pigmented with Silanzied Intercalated Graphene

Damage Assessment of the Corrosion-resistant Performances for Organic Coating Systems After Accelerated Tests using Analytic Hierarchy Process
This newsletter is brought to you by ExcelPlas Coating Labs (http://www.excelplas.com/)

ExcelPlas Labs provides independent testing, analysis and investigation on protective coatings to prevent corrosion.

ExcelPlas has extensive analytical capabilities for testing of Protective Coatings and Insulation Consulting for major oil and gas companies.

We conduct corrosion surveys, coating sampling, coating analysis and testing to ensure coating specifications for a wide range of onshore and offshore clients in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region.

ExcelPlas Labs offer a full range of coating testing and analytical services to Australia’s mining, oil, gas and infrastructure sectors.

Forensic analysis for undertaking various coating based failure investigations and problem solving.

ExcelPlas Undertakes Analysis & Testing of Polymer Coating Systems including:
• Epoxy Protective Coatings
• Epoxy-Phenolic Protective Coatings
• Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) 
• Dual-Layer Fusion bonded epoxy (DLFBE)
• Liquid applied epoxy (LAE)
• Abrasion resistant overcoat (ARO)
• Three-layer PE (3LPE)
• Multi-component liquid spray  (MCL)
• Heat shrink sleeves (HSS)

Testing on Coatings that ExcelPlas can Undertake includes:
• Coating identification by Infra-red Analysis (FTIR)
• Degree of Cure by Thermal Analysis (DSC)
• Coating Filler Identification by X-ray Analysis (EDS/XRD)
• Coating Microstructure by Embedding, Polishing and Optical Microscopy (OM)
• Coating Thermal Stability and Composition by Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

DSC – Phase transition/volatiles / Tg / degree of cure/characterisation
TGA – Volatile compounds, inorganic mass % mix ratio
Element mapping for chlorides on paint flakes
Microscopy -Count layers and thickness of layers
-Assess porosity and voids
-Check distribution and orientation of filler particles

Condition monitoring and analysis of corrosion prevention coatings (epoxies, epoxy-phenolics)

Testing of Epoxy Coatings (LAE, FJC, FBE), heat shrink sleeves and tapes, barrier tapes and meshes.